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Isle of Palms

South Carolina

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Isle of Palms, South Carolina

Located in South Carolina, Isle of Palms real estate is the third largest market in the state for beach homes and beach lots.

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About Isle of Palms

 A Barrier Island 

 The Isle of Palms is a barrier island that includes Dewees Island and Copahee Sound. The island is only seven miles long and less than a mile wide, part of which is a protected natural wildlife habitat.  

 Close to Wildlife 

 Isle of Palms has a variety of natural wildlife habitats, including salt marshes, maritime forests, and dunes, that are home to a diverse array of plant and animal species. The island has several protected areas to preserve these habitats and their inhabitants. 

 One such area is the 40-acre Dewees Island Wildlife Refuge, located just north of Isle of Palms. The refuge is only accessible by boat and includes a mix of salt marsh, tidal creek, and upland habitats. It is home to various birds, including several species of herons, egrets, and ibises, as well as bottlenose dolphins and sea turtles. 

 The island's beaches are also an important nesting ground for loggerhead sea turtles, which are a threatened species. During nesting season, visitors can participate in guided turtle walks to learn more about these fascinating creatures and their conservation. 

 Historic Isle of Palms 

 If you’re a history buff, Isle of Palms is sure to teach you something new. You can visit Fort Moultrie at the end of the island near Sullivan’s Island. It was built during the Revolution in 1776. It’s now a National Historical Park with tours available.  

 For a hands-on history lesson, you can also visit Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum. You can see a World War ll aircraft, multiple memorials, and a Medal of Honor Museum.  


 The closest airport to Isle of Palms is Charleston International Airport for any travel needed, including international travel. It is 20 miles west. If you need any medical services, you will find the closest hospital six miles north at East Cooper Medical Center.  

 Relaxation at Your Fingertips 

 If you’re looking for the perfect mixture of a traditional beach town with the additions of wildlife and preservation, then Isle of Palms is the best place for your next beach home.