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Bald Head Island

North Carolina

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Bald Head Island, North Carolina

The Bald Head Island real estate market is a beautiful, but lesser known, marketplace for beach property in North Carolina.

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About Bald Head Island

 On the Coast of North Carolina 

 Bald Head Island is a unique and picturesque barrier island located off the coast of southeastern North Carolina and is only accessible by ferry or private boat. Bald Head Island covers just over 3,000 acres and is characterized by its untouched beaches, sand dunes, maritime forests, and salt marshes. It is located at the mouth of the Cape Fear River. 

 No Cars Allowed 

 The most interesting thing about Bald Head Island? There are no cars! That’s right, visitors and residents typically get around the island using golf carts, bicycles, or walking. You have to take a ferry or private boat from Oak Island to get to Bald Head Island. This absence of cars contributes to the island's peaceful and serene atmosphere. 

 Ecology and Conservation 

 The island features extensive maritime forests, which consist of diverse plant life and provide habitat for various bird species. These forests are protected and contribute to the island's overall ecological balance. 

 With its rich and diverse ecosystem, a lot of the island is protected. It is home to the Bald Head Island Conservancy, an organization dedicated to the preservation and protection of the island's natural environment. The Bald Head Island Conservancy plays a vital role in preserving the island's natural resources. They conduct research, offer educational programs, and implement conservation initiatives to protect the island's unique ecosystem. 


 An island with no cars may cause worry in case of an emergency; however, the Bald Head Island Public Safety Department provides emergency response and medical assistance. The nearest hospital will be on the mainland at Dosher Memorial Hospital. If travel is needed, you can fly into Wilmington International Airport, also on the mainland.  

 Secluded in Nature 

 Overall, Bald Head Island is known for its natural beauty, tranquility, and commitment to environmental preservation. It offers a peaceful retreat for residents with its immaculate beaches, unique wildlife, and secluded atmosphere.