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Newbury, Massachusetts

Newbury real estate is regarded as a tight inventory market in Massachusetts for beach homes and beach lots.

About Newbury

 New to Newbury? 

 Newbury is a quaint town tucked away in Essex County and is part of the Greater Boston metropolitan area. You will find this small community on the North Shore of Massachusetts. The town is made up of lush landscapes, including salt marshes, rolling farmland, and the beautiful Plum Island. 

 Outdoor Oasis 

 Locals can find refuge at Plum Island, a barrier island off Newbury's coast. It is a go-to destination known for its sandy beaches, wildlife refuge, and bird-watching opportunities. Plum Island is an incredible area with a diverse ecosystem that attracts nature enthusiasts and outdoor lovers alike. 

 Apart from Plum Island, there are several parks and conservation areas in the town, such as Maudslay State Park and Old Town Hill Reservation. These areas provide walking trails, picnic spots, and scenic views for residents and visitors to enjoy. 

 Community Culture 

 Newbury has a close-knit community and hosts various events throughout the year. These include the Newburyport Riverfest, an annual summer event featuring live music, local vendors, and a fireworks display. The town also celebrates the Newburyport Literary Festival and the Newburyport Documentary Film Festival, which attract artists, writers, and filmmakers from the region. 

 Newbury and the nearby Newburyport area have a thriving arts and culture scene. The region attracts artists, musicians, writers, and performers galore. Galleries, theaters, and enlightening events also showcase local talent. The community often supports and participates in these artistic endeavors. 


 If you ever find yourself in need of medical attention, Anna Jaques Hospital is a community-based clinical center fully equipt to take on your needs. Some services offered include inpatient care, surgical operations, and specialized clinics. When you feel the sky calling your name, the largest airport in New England, Boston Logan International Airport (BOS), is roughly 40 miles from here. Due to its size, BOS offers a wide range of domestic and international flights, connecting Newbury residents and visitors to destinations worldwide. 

 Scurry to Newbury 

 If a small-town, coastal lifestyle is what you crave, Newbury is the haven for you. You can live out the beachy life of your dreams right here!