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Saint James


22Listings$45K-$1.1M$6MTotal Value
Saint James, Maryland

The Saint James real estate market is a top ten marketplace for beach property in Maryland.

The average list price for Saint James homes for sale is $444,000. Normally there are about 20 beach homes for sale at Saint James, and 10 listings for lots and land.

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About Saint James

 Exploring the Allure of St.James, Maryland: A Captivating Haven for a Quality Lifestyle 

 St. James, Maryland, offers an enchanting blend of livability, rich history, vibrant attractions, and modern amenities, making it a coveted destination for those seeking a high-quality lifestyle. Nestled on the scenic shores of the Chesapeake Bay, this region captivates residents and visitors alike with its idyllic charm. In this essay, we will delve into the various aspects that make St. Mary's County an exceptional place to call home, highlighting its livability, historical sites, top attractions, accessibility, healthcare facilities, recreational options, and overall quality of living. 

 Livability is paramount in St. James, thanks to its strong sense of community and top-notch educational opportunities. The county boasts excellent public and private schools, fostering a nurturing environment for children's education. The serene neighborhoods, affordable housing options, and a range of amenities further contribute to an exceptional quality of life. 

 Steeped in history, St. James showcases a plethora of significant historical sites. Visitors can explore the colonial-era St. Mary's City, Maryland's first capital, or immerse themselves in the heritage of the Patuxent River Naval Air Museum, home to the renowned naval air station. The scenic St. Clement's Island, the birthplace of Maryland, beckons history enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. 

 The county also offers a myriad of top attractions for entertainment and leisure. Discover the breathtaking views and outdoor recreational activities at Point Lookout State Park, or indulge in the vibrant waterfront dining scene in the charming town of Leonardtown. From art galleries and museums to wineries and farmer's markets, St.James caters to diverse interests and ensures a vibrant social scene for its residents. 

 Accessibility is another key advantage of living in St. James. With Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport just a short drive away, both domestic and international travel is convenient. Additionally, the county is well-connected to major highways, facilitating easy access to neighboring cities. 

 When it comes to healthcare, St. James offers a robust network of hospitals and medical facilities, providing residents with quality healthcare services. The MedStar St. Mary's Hospital and the University of Maryland Charles Regional Medical Center are renowned institutions that ensure prompt and reliable medical attention. 

 For those seeking recreational options, St. James leaves no stone unturned. With numerous parks, trails, and waterways, outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy activities like hiking, boating, fishing, and kayaking. The county's commitment to preserving natural resources ensures a sustainable and healthy environment for residents to enjoy. 

 St. James, Maryland, stands as an enticing destination, offering an outstanding livability factor, a rich tapestry of history, a plethora of attractions, easy accessibility, quality healthcare, and an abundance of recreational opportunities. With its captivating charm and modern amenities, St. Mary's County proves to be an ideal place to live, work, and thrive.