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Milford, Connecticut

The Milford real estate market is a top twenty marketplace for beach property in Connecticut.

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About Milford

 New England Vibe 

 Milford is a coastal city located in New Haven County, Connecticut. It is situated between Bridgeport and New Haven, offering residents access to beautiful beaches along the Long Island Sound. Milford's beaches are known for their scenic beauty, recreational opportunities, and family-friendly atmosphere. The city maintains a charming New England atmosphere with its historic downtown area, tree-lined streets, and well-preserved architecture. 

 Local Beaches 

 Walnut Beach is a popular destination known for its sandy shores, picturesque views, and vibrant community atmosphere. It features a pier, picnic areas, and one of Connecticut’s longest boardwalks. The beach is also home to the annual Walnut Beach Sand Sculpture Competition. Non-residents can purchase a season pass for 250.00. 

 Silver Sands State Park is a coastal reserve and beach area located on the eastern end of Milford. It boasts a mile-long sandy beach, dunes, and marshes, providing ample opportunities for swimming, sunbathing, picnicking, bird-watching, and nature walks. The park also features a boardwalk and offers views of Charles Island, which is accessible by foot during low tide. 

 Gulf Beach is a picturesque beach located on Milford's shoreline. It offers a tranquil and scenic environment for residents with its sandy beach, calm waters, and beautiful sunsets. The beach also has a picnic area, playground, and pavilion available for rent. 

 Anchor Beach is a small neighborhood beach located on the eastern side of Milford. It offers a quiet and relaxed setting for beachgoers, making it a popular spot among locals. The beach provides restrooms, picnic areas, and a snack bar. 


 If you must travel in or out of Milford, Tweed New Haven Regional Airport will be your easiest option as it is less than half an hour away. Bridgeport Hospital is right in the downtown area for any medical need.  

 Community in Milford 

 Milford offers a picturesque coastal location with its stunning beaches along the Long Island Sound, providing opportunities for water activities, relaxation, and scenic views. Milford also boasts a strong sense of community, with various events, festivals, and local organizations that foster a welcoming and vibrant environment.